Pancake day

Be rude not too! πŸ™‚

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Be Motivated

Each term at Wincheap starts with a new theme across the school. This time it’s ‘Be Motivated’ – we had a fun time searching for hidden letters across the FS in teams. Then working together to figure out the message, we discussed what motivation is, why it’s good and what are the barriers that can stop us? We thought about positive messages we could tell ourselves and others and made pictures to display them. We finished our sessions by looking at different people who stayed motivated despite facing a hard knock backs and in the endΒ  achieved their dreams, ambitions and improvements – we were encouraged to think about the potential in all of us and try to stay motivated to fulfill it! πŸ™‚

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Competition Winner!

Well done to one of our year 4’s who had a dentastic time in the woods! Big high fives to all who sent me pictures, it looked like you had an awesome time in your half term putting some of your forest school skills into action πŸ™‚

We’ll have another FS competition in Easter so keep an ear out and watch this space for more details.

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Leaf creations

Mrs Cotton’s class created amazing bear pictures made from old leaves, they thought about the colours and how they could use light and dark leaves to show the different features of the bear’s fur. Well done chaps! πŸ™‚

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Valentines day medallions.

In this session, our year 1 pupils worked really hard to produce some colourful wood necklaces. First, they used sand paper to create a smooth even surface. Then they used a hand drill to twist through a hole for the string. After, they used the loppers to cut off a piece of elder and then drill a hole through the centre. Then threaded the string through and finally decorated the their necklaces with patterns and symbols – it was valentines day so we did break out a few loving hearts πŸ™‚

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Sticks and ladders

In these sessions, year 4,5 and 6 had to design and build there own ladders. Mr A began by telling us that we had to save some rare woodland animals from an oncoming forest fire. We practiced using knots and lashes to bind two sticks together, then we discussed that a ladder would be the best solution to help save the animals who were stuck up high. We planned how many rungs were needed and what length, width and angle the ladder needed to be effective and sturdy. Have a look at the results, it was a tough challenge!


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Forest school competition!

Do you fancy winning Β£10 for Go outdoors? All you need to do is put your forest school skills into action over half term with your family or friends (take a pic, mud paint, den build, cook over fire (with a responsible adult!), or combine them). Next, take a picture of what you’ve done and then either email it to Mr A ( or print it off and hand it to me at school. I’ll judge the winners on Friday 1st March. Good luck and happy holiday forest schooling!

Competition time!

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Twigs & Towers

In these sessions, we had lots of fun using sticks and clay to construct shapes and towers. In reception and KS1 we focused on 2D shapes, identifying their features & thinking what 2D shapes we could use from a number of sticks. We also challenged ourselves to see, if by adding other sticks, we could make other shapes within a shape. In years 2 and 3 children were able to extend their construction into 3D by adding to a 2D base. Further up the school 3D shapes were built and the strength of their structures compared – we concluded that a triangular prism was more stable than a cuboid. This then progressed into a tower building challenge, the added test was whether the tower could hold an egg. It was a tough activity and thought was needed to address weak areas in structures – we remembered back to when we made dens and how A-frames helped to add rigidness.

Great tower teamwork girls!

Can you guess the 3D shape?

demonstrating how to add more triangles into their hexagon.

Eggcellent tower!

These guys completed their eggstention challenge!

How can we strengthen this tower?

Total focus zone AKA please don’t fall!

It was pretty chilly on these mornings so we played a few games to warm us up.

Hand swords being introduced by our Christchurch Uni helper Mr Shivnani.

One our our excellent helpers from St Anselms (whose with us for 6 weeks) supporting our year 3s.

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Nice pic!

In these Forest School sessions we developed our use of photography. In KS1 we began by looking at photos from summertime & then played spot the difference. We were able to identify that in winter leaves were no longer on the deciduous trees, lily pads were not present, flowers were gone, grass was shorter and less green, soil was softer and more visible. We concluded that the plants weren’t dead but flowers were no longer needed as insects weren’t about to transport pollen, the sun’s warmth and light was also less in the winter – therefore leaves aren’t needed. However, by plants and leaves withering the soil in turn is enriched and life is made possible again in spring! KS1 had to take photos of various materials with certain properties and KS2 explored how we can use different perspectives and filters to capture an interesting image – year 6 also had a go at adding their own Haiku inspired by their best photo. We had a creative blast!

KS1 guys on the hunt for interesting materials.

Summertime in the Forest School – what a difference!

Something twisty!

Awesome branch patterns!

Getting close up provides cool detail on this log pic.

Shooting through a filter adds interest.

Such a great reflection pic!

You’d never guess what this is?

Tunnel vision.

Looks like a super charged leaf!

Change of perspective and this mound looks like a mountain!

Such a great haiku thought up in so little time!





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In this Forest School session, year 4 played capture the flag or to keep it festive ‘Capture the Santa’. With this simple invasion game we discuss the importance of collaboration – a skill that no matter where we end up in life and what job we do it will always be essential. We also explored the many reasons why groups in history have chosen to invade (building empires, resources, land, wealth etc). It’s something that has been going on for many years but as technology improved so did the organisation of the invasion tactics . A ‘Chief’ was appointed to each team for each round, this gave children the experience of making decisions and giving instructions, for others it was how you react to your leader – perhaps when you don’t always agree! It also gave us an insight into how an invader feels – sometimes excited when victory is in sight or at other times anxious as your defenses maybe breached. Lots of fun was had and it was a very active session πŸ™‚

It’s not always easy being a leader!

The troops getting their instructions.

On our way to the prison after being tagged.

The flag in hand, it’s time to run to victory!

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